Day 1421

I didn’t get any quilting done last night- I cleaned the computer. Emily has been on it most of her Christmas break (still this week to go for that) and lots of things were showing up that I never put on here. So I went and uninstalled everything that should have never been installed and defragmented it.

Mom will be coming home on Thursday. I don’t know if this will make life easier or harder on me but she’ll be glad to get home and her cat will be glad to have her there! Such yelling I’ve put up with while she’s been gone- you wouldn’t believe.

I should wash my hair this morning but it’s about 20° outside and I think work will just have to deal with 2 day hair today.

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2 Responses to Day 1421

  1. YaY! I mean about you being here, not about you not getting to quilt.

  2. wren08 says:

    Yay about both of us being here. Now we need to get everyone else over and create a fast-read page like the LJ friends page and everything will be good.. and Russia can have LJ.

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