Day 1420

Mom is home… and I am grousing and now her cat is refusing to eat and is walking funny. Vet visit predicted for soon. And she has out-patient therapy for an hour every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm. So I will never have a day off where I don’t have to get up and get dressed and go do something or a day to spend just doing something I want to.

I quit.

My cats went back on the gravity feeder tonight and I will make food available to Miss Fuzz twice a day. If Miss Fuzz and Pixel refuse to eat, so be it. If Anna eats until she explodes, ok. If Mom wants to drink her dinner and fall and go back in the hospital, so be it. I’ll make food available to everyone at appropriate times and I’ll help Mom when she asks me to but I’m done with trying to save people from themselves- even when the ‘people’ are four-footed and furry.

In other news, I am not a life coach. I am really tired of hearing (via phone- this does NOT apply to anyone here!) that “I can’t get a job because I have no car and I can’t buy a car because I have no job’ and about the difficulties of finding affordable housing and a myriad of other problems people have caused for themselves! It’s not my job to fix it and you (collectively) won’t take my advice anyway- you’re all big boys now- solve it yourselves!

And Mom’s home. That means take her meals to her and set out her medicines to take and hope she cooperates enough to take them and so forth. I’m also not a damned CNA! It’s not supposed to be my job to dole out medicines to everyone daily and make sure that they are taken and make everyone’s food and clean up everyone’s messes and chauffeur everyone to wherever they need to be. Infants need that… and sometimes animals. Not 74 year old adults and 14 year old children- they’re supposed to participate in their own care at least some of the time.

Obviously, I’m a bit pissy tonight.

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One Response to Day 1420

  1. The right to be pissy is earned – and you’ve earned it!

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