Day 1416

Yesterday I had the handyman out and he finally got the library window framed in as I had envisioned it in the first place. Picture soon.

I went and visited Eliz… and her sweet little girl ferret stole my glasses out of my backpack without me noticing until I got home. I’ll pick up a new pair today at work because it’s an hour drive to her house even though we live in the same county. She also had her car insurance for me which is a very good thing.

I got to watch part of the BBC’s Sherlock Hounds of Baskerville– quite delicious! This is the second episode of season two… and I think there are only three… so after the next one it will be 2013 before we get any more. Now that’s a bummer.

Emily goes back to school today. This means I’m going to have to employ my fast showering and dressing technique… but after I drop her off, I’ll have an hour to quilt. And in spite of the rain, I am taking the quilt to work on because I am on the last side of the last border… so this is what I really really want to work on this morning!

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One Response to Day 1416

  1. I keep meaning to get into the new Sherlock – off to check for availability at Netflix now 🙂

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