Day 1416 Evening

It’s 10pm so I have to go to bed but I did want to note that I do like the new Sherlock episodes very much! I need to watch them several more times to extract all shades of meaning and catch all the inside things. “Vatican Cameos” had me confused for a bit but I’ve got that sorted now.

I am annoyed that they won’t be aired in the US until May… this is an invitation from the BBC for blatant (if temporary) piracy on a fairly large scale. After all, what can be deduced about Sherlock fans, in general? They value intelligence and problem solving and are not likely to be either patient or extremely picky about the finest points of the law. So the BBC airing Sherlock episodes in January in England and not until May in the US (and the BBC website will not let US computers view them on line) is a gauntlet to a group of people who relish such things. I do not think that they thought this through very carefully.

It’s not 1895 after all…

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