Day 1410

I’m up massively early for a Sunday- this is the regular time I would be up on a weekday. Mostly because I got to sleep by 10 last night and while I was up for an hour in the middle, that’s still more sleep than I usually get… and I slept so hard that I’m stiff all over (“stove up” is the old country expression).

Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky, yes? Mine was distinctly lucky instead. The kids had a two hour delay starting school (icy roads- quite reasonable) so Emily got extra sleep and I got extra sleep and then was an hour late to work. I called the night before so I was not in trouble for that either.

I hurried to murder the fruit so that I would not be late getting up front. They hadn’t told the produce manager that I would be late so he had started it already and I was able to pick it up and finish on time. And I go up front… and I’m not on the schedule! So I asked the store manager where I am working if I’m not on the register… and he tells me to “Have a nice weekend”. A half-day I wasn’t expecting with Emily in school? Oh happy dance!

I spent it running some errands that I would have had to wedge in somehow on Saturday and came home and did most of the chores for the weekend and took an hour’s nap. Emily was supposed to have drama club but they canceled it after her bus had already left and she hung out with a friend and one of the teachers (friend’s mom) until it was time for them to leave… and then asked them to drop me at the store since she didn’t know I wasn’t at work. Discovering that I was already off for the day, she ‘phoned home just as I was getting up and I ran down to pick her up… just as I had planned to do but at the store instead of the school. Lucky I was home instead of still out and about!

We came home and I made dinner- pizza for Em who was craving it and meatloaf for Mom and I… Mr Tim supplied the vegetables in the form of turnip greens and turnips. I’ve never had turnips before but Mom said I made them just right- with her instruction, of course. Lucky we were at the store so we could pick up a pizza for Emily- there wasn’t any at home. As an added bonus, there’s enough meatloaf left for tonight so dinner is already ready.

Since I’d had a nap and the next day was Saturday, I stayed up until midnight and finished the quilting on Don’t Go Out A-Lone Star. Only the binding and a hang sleeve to go now…

Saturday we did the few chores I hadn’t been able to do on Friday and had enough time left over for a short McKay’s trip. We didn’t find the movie Emily went there to look for but she scored a season of Buffy that she didn’t have and I found a season of Due South that I needed (Two- I had one and three from before) both within our budget for fun stuff for the week.

We hurried home so I could get Mom up in time for her therapy appointment… and she was already up and had canceled it and rescheduled for next weekend because she didn’t feel like going. Um, okay. I think that’s a bad idea… but alright.

I had planned to do a couple of things while she was in PT- so I left Emily at home (her choice) and ran back out to the quilt store for black thread (how is it that I didn’t have any black quilting thread?) and then to pick up some white beans to cook today for next week (how is it that I didn’t have any white beans?) I spent half an hour at the quilt store– met a new person and just browsed… I’d like one of everything, of course! I also got to show off my quilt. While I was there, Emily missed me and called to see if I was there since I wasn’t at home. Seriously? I told you I was leaving- didn’t you hear me? But she was ok as soon as she found out where I was. I told her I’d be home directly and she was fine.

80s called and asked to come pay us a visit. He sounded ok so I agreed and we had a very nice time. He’s found a third shift job (which he prefers) and he was in a better mood than I’ve seen him in in years… and consequently, a much nicer person. While I took Mom her supper, he and Emily had a nice visit and when I got back, he complimented her in front of me on her cognitive processes. (Better than being told how cute you look, in my family). We indulged in some big band music… mostly new artists that are bringing back the crooner genre… and good conversation and the he left early enough that I got to bed at a reasonable time instead of far too late.

All in all, it’s been a practically perfect weekend… and there is still a day left! I’m going to try and finish the binding on the quilt- now that I have black thread- and maybe get to the hanging sleeve!

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One Response to Day 1410

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I love Michael Bublé,

    You know, I can’t remember the last time I listened to music, intentionally, for no other reason than to listen. Perhaps I’ll do that tonight.

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