Day 1406

Well, I was going to post pictures of Don’t Go Out A-Lone Star this morning…. and Webshots is down so I’ll have to post them this evening, I suppose. It is done and hanging in the living room… and there is a gap between the floor and the bottom of the quilt so it will need something there to block the cold air. I’m thinking about that.

Before I start any other project, I need to catch up with the mending- I’ve been letting it slide to try and finish this one asap. When I’m caught up, I’ll be starting the quilting on Granny’s Quilt so I can have it finished before Emily’s 16th birthday. It’s already on the frame in the sewing room… although the sewing room is too cold to work in at this season, I can move the frame to the living room in the evenings and move it back when I go to bed.

Since I won’t be able to take Granny’s Quilt to work for my morning hour, I’m going to finish piecing Robert’s Trees and then work on more Storm at Sea blocks just to have something portable to work on.

I’m also going to start a collage of McKenna Ryan patterns. A very kind quilter has agreed to loan me her copy of the pattern for “Time to Play” and as soon as I’ve made the block, I’m to send the pattern back. Since she is being so generous (and trusting!), when I get the pattern in the mail, I’ll make it before I do anything else at all. The rest of them will have to wait until the quilting on Granny’s Quilt is finished because they are fusible applique and so not something I can do away from home. This will probably be an art quilt since I am not too sure how sturdy the fusible applique is.

In non-quilty news, someone sent me a Bluray player! I’ve got it hooked up to my old TV and boy, do I need a new TV! Even on this one I can see that it’s a better quality picture but I’m not getting all I could out of it.

And there is a movie that you should watch-

Justin Timberlake turns out to be a better actor than he is a singer- who knew?

Gotta scamper for work. Pics tonight, I hope!

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2 Responses to Day 1406

  1. I suspected he’d be a better actor – I think he’s really funny and charming, based on his SNL appearances. His music leaves me pretty blah, though.

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