Day 1404

I have decided that the Amish do not have housecats. Otherwise, they wouldn’t use all that black for setting squares in quilts- it’s the worst cat fur magnet I’ve ever seen!

My cat Alex is usually silent. He purrs loudly but doesn’t meow… unless he’s threatening a ribbon bow. He’s decimated two since Christmas and is toying with his third- hence the talky threatening. For him, this is the best cat toy ever invented.

I want a time turner. Every day, when I get home from work, I’d turn it back 8 hours and spend 8 hours quilting… and then do it again and take a nap… and then do it again and spend 8 hours reading.

What to make for dinner? Absolutely no idea…

I am seriously lacking in motivation this morning. I have several errands to run, a couple of packages to pack and mail and I have to be home by 11:30 to help Mom get dressed and go for her PT. Somehow, I am resisting getting started and I don’t know why.

By this evening, it should be warm enough for me to get out in the sewing room and clean up a bit in there. When the weather is cold, I run in and get stuff and run back out or I run in and drop stuff and run back out. It’s unheated so it gets quite chilly unless the weather is temperate and, while I could heat the room by opening the door, I don’t want the expense unless I’m going to get to spend all day in there. So it gets quite messy. The base organization is still there- I just need to tidy up a bit… and get a few small projects out of the way. Besides the sewing projects, I’ve got several bookbinding projects to work on… I need to tidy my supplies until I have time to work on them as well.

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