Day 1397

Yes, I know, I am up too early. I even turned the alarm off last night before I went to bed. Unfortunately, I can’t turn off the beagle… she woke me up at the usual time.

So, okay. I started the laundry and I’ll sweep and mop before I go run errands this morning and take Mom to her physical therapy this afternoon. I wish that the places I need to go were open this early but the post office doesn’t open until 8 and I know no where else is open any earlier either.

On the upside, one of the places I need to go is somewhere they have good scissors. I have good fabric shears and I have good embroidery scissors but what I don’t have is a small pair that I can use for an extended period. I’ve been using the embroidery scissors to cut out these patches and I’ve worn a blister on the top of my middle finger- of all the places to have a blister! I need a sharp small set with some cushioning on the handle.

Obviously I’ve been working a lot on the borrowed quilt block pattern. So far I have the beaver, the squirrel and both the raccoons together so the rest of the pieces are larger. I’m working on the leaves to the large tree and there are a lot of them!

Emily and I have also been watching Leverage season 3 on DVD. I’m liking it as well as I did season one. I wasn’t fond of season 2- not sure why- so it took me awhile to give season 3 a chance. We were so into it last night that we missed the start time for Grimm… which, as it turns out, is a good thing as Grimm was preempted last night.

For anyone who is not on Facebook, Emily and I have a new project. Somewhere, maybe in the back yard, we’re going to put up a sign post similar to this one:

Some of the ones they have, we want to loose and we want to add some that can’t be seen there (they may be on there but not visible at this angle) like “To Wall”, “Baker Street” and “Wonderland this way”. I also want to change the one that says “The Hobbit’s Shire” to ” The Shire” or “Bag End” since I want people to have to make a connection. Not sure how long it will take us but it will be an ongoing project, I’m sure.

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