Day 1396

What a week this has been!

Monday, Emily was sick and we went to the doctor. I posted about that.

Tuesday, she forgot her key and instead of waiting at Mom’s for an hour until I got home, she took screwdrivers to the sewing room door to get into the house. Result- we need a new door now but I am quite confident that you can’t break into this house without breaking glass. She also lied to Mom about having her key and getting into the house, getting her PSP and then locking herself out. Um, no. With the locks I have on this house, it is impossible to leave the house and lock the door without the key. (This is intentional) So the PSP was something she had with her already… ie, she took it to school which is expressly forbidden. I called her out on her fibs and made her apologize for lying and disobeying. Then I told her that, since she insisted on taking her PSP to school, if it got lost, confiscated, broken or stolen- it’s gone. I won’t replace it, I won’t allow her to replace it and I won’t allow anyone to give her another one.

Wednesday, I got a call from the school. A girl in her class (who is usually her friend) was annoying her and Emily slapped her. Emily claims that she only put her hand over the girl’s mouth because what the girl was doing was singing incessantly. I pointed out that Emily does exactly the same thing all the time and she’s never been slapped for it… also she should have told the teacher before taking any physical action at all. The VP who knows me very well told me that she was not going to suspend Emily but I would need to take care of punishment for the incident. I don’t know how the other girl was punished but she was not blameless- she punched Emily in the shoulder. Not sure where the teacher was in all of this- in her defense, it could have happened very quickly. Emily was grounded from the computer for the rest of the week in substitute for a one day suspension from school.

Thursday was, I think, uneventful.

Friday, the day went well and then I got home and remembered that I had to pick Emily up from school after drama club… rush back to school and get her… and get home finally. 80s called to say he wasn’t going to be out that night- he was going to visit another friend. So Emily and I watched Leverage episodes until quite late and went to bed.

Saturday morning, I find out that 80s never got to his friend’s house, He was in a car accident that rolled his truck all the way over and broke one wheel completely off, shattered the windshield and snapped the axel. He spent most of Saturday at the hospital- his knees are not, in fact, broken- just badly bruised, he has a concussion and a badly bruised and stiff neck. He’ll be on the injured list for a couple of weeks but he didn’t do any permanent damage to himself. Before the x-rays, it was looking like he might have crippled himself so I’m grateful for this outcome.

Saturday I also lost my glasses again. This time, I bought 5 pairs so that if I misplace another set, I’ll still have one. I got a new pair of Fiskars sewing scissors with padded handles but I don’t seem to be able to get the very delicate shapes I can get with my Ginghers so I may have to simply put up with the blister and use them.

Also 80s birthday was Wednesday, Eliz’s birthday was Friday and the 5th anniversary of Dad’s death was Friday.

I think I am glad this week is over!

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3 Responses to Day 1396

  1. Good Lord! At least it sounds like all of it came out ok in the end. May the next week be peaceful and calm for you – seems like you earned it.

  2. Eliz says:

    “Eliz’s birthday was Friday and the 5th anniversary of Dad’s death was Friday.”
    …still sad, hard to celebrate.

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