Day 1385 State of the wren

I know I’ve not been posting too much. I was working on the quilt block and I’ve been going back and finishing watching Leverage season 2. I never finished it before I watched season 3 which left me wondering what happened in some of the continuing threads. And now I’ve got season 4 to watch.

Besides that, I’ve not been doing much. I got my taxes filed and they tell me I should have my refund tomorrow (yay direct deposit!) so I can go ahead and pay myself back for all the home repairs this year and look at what I want to do this spring. I think a new TV is most likely- I don’t yet know if we will do anything else.

In looking at my usually nightly Logic problems book, I discover that I am almost a year behind. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing- it just goes to show how often I have fallen into bed too tired to work one.

I discover that I’m still wishing for one of the New Belgium Fat Tire anniversary bicycles. I don’t know why- I just really really want one. There was one listed on the local craigslist but by the time I called, it had been sold. Bother.

I’m taking a short break from quilting right now. I’ll probably start another of the fusible applique blocks tonight but last night, I just vegged in front of the TV. Not a typical evening for me.

On the TV front, I didn’t watch the Superbowl (not a sports fan) but I did go watch all the SuperBowl commercials. In spite of the nostalgia that the Ferris commercial engendered, I think I liked the weight-loss dog the best. Clint Eastwood’s was good as well- although it seemed more of PSA than a commercial.

This week is really going by quickly- I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Part of it is that I’ve been so tired- last night I got the dog in… and when I got up this morning, I discovered that not only did I neglect to lock the door, I hadn’t even pulled it shut completely. It’s a good thing there was no wind!

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