Day 1379

Since I am working all day in floral today, someone else will have to cut fruit. I find this fact significant enough to record.

I’ve been working on Winterfair Gifts… not ready to bind yet but I’m about ready to sew it… and then I’ll wait for the plough before I go any farther on it. I’m also waiting on end paper for Harry Potter and then I can look at re-casing those… I have the leather for all but one of them although I’m still missing the cover picture for volume 1.

Something very nice- I’ve been dissatisfied with all the copies I’ve seen of the Narnia books. There’s a disagreement about the order and besides, I don’t like the last two published. And none of them have all the Pauline Baynes illustrations from the early editions. Now there are facsimile first editions in hardcover! So instead of grousing about it, I can get only the books of the series that I want and case them the way I want and have just exactly the right edition. I was considering re-casing the 50’s hardbacks… but the paper is deteriorating since we didn’t print on acid-free paper in the 50s.

Other than some pondering, I haven’t actually been working on anything bur editing this week. I think I must be too tired- I keep over sleeping and I can’t even work a simple logic problem. To try and get my mind focused, I’m putting together a notebook of projects I want to work on. This gives me some organization to all the notes of ideas that I come up with and a place to store them so that I don’t have to try and remember what I was thinking- it’s all written down.

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