Day 1378

Somebody remind me, the next time I feel the need to consume an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s in the winter that no matter what my emotional state, it will freeze my lips.

Ok, so I survived another Valentine’s Day… although I did fall asleep in the bathtub last night from sheer exhaustion. (No Whitney Houston comments please, her birthday was one day before mine so that’s too close for comfort.) I actually didn’t feel at all sad this year… I can buy my own chocolates (and did but I waited until today), I have too much jewelry already for someone who never wears it and flowers would have been coals to Newcastle. And it was a pure blessing to come home and not have to ‘celebrate’ anything with anyone last night. I’m all for ‘sexy rumpus’ (there isn’t enough sexy rumpus in the world) but I’d have been too tired for it in any case. I did have a glass of wine, but I would have done that after any day on which I worked that hard. My only nod to the day of love and chocolate was to have Red Decadence instead of Bitch. The only Valentine I bought was a box of chocolates and a rose for Emily… because I knew she would be sad if she got no valentines at all.

Having said all that, I should mention that the Ben and Jerry’s was because it’s on half price sale and I’m tired and achy, not upset.

I discover that, after all the years of being upset about Valentine’s Day because I’m single, it’s nice to have a Valentine’s Day on which I’m glad to be single… really glad- not just putting on.

Besides, tonight I have Leverage to catch up on (Em’s ahead of me) and a quilt block to work a tiny bit on and a book to deconstruct in preparation for casing it in a proper leather binding… and somewhere in England there is a very nice man making a lying press and plough just for me. That’s a happy thought!

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One Response to Day 1378

  1. barbbrad says:

    I love reading your blogs…always some thing new

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