Day 1386

I’m slowly getting over Valentine’s Day. I was fine emotionally but it was a physically hard week for me and I’ve been very very tired.

80s came out to visit last night. I think that was ill considered… his knees are still damaged- to what degree I don’t know- and he broke his glasses so he’s driving without them. Plus the truck was totaled so he’s driving his old car which has expired tags. I made him call me when he got home to make sure that he actually did get home.

So tonight I will try to get to all the things I did not do last night… some house chores and some recreation. My endpaper got here for Harry Potter so I’d like to start deconstructing and rebinding those… I only lack one colour of leather for the set.

Emily is up and getting ready for school… and taking a blue streak so I can’t pull my thoughts together 😀

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