Day 1372

I’ve been watching paste dry this week- I’ve been working on the Harry Potter books. I can’t say that I am rebinding them… I’m simply recasing them.

I’ve been annoyed ever since I discovered Harry Potter that the US publisher thought it necessary to translate the books for the US market. I have protested by refusing to buy even one HP book in the ‘american’ translation and have ordered my books from Canada or England so I can read the actual original book. I prefer to read books in the original where I can- things get lost in translation- and I do actually speak English.

So- well and good. Bloomsbury even put out a ‘deluxe’ edition with a nice picture affixed to the cover and gilded edges. Covered in bookcloth. The US publisher but out a deluxe edition in leather… with a horrible picture affixed to the cover… and translated. What I wanted was the British edition in leather with the British illustration. Call me picky but really, how hard is this, people?

Apparently, I’m the only one in the world who wants this so I am taking the deluxe Bloomsbury editions and recasing them in leather. In doing this I have discovered that their deluxe edition is taking some short cuts. The spine is flat, the bookmarks are only glued in and the super is paper instead of fabric. I can’t tell for sure without taking the spine apart, but I don’t believe the pages are sewn either- just glued. Bother. But unless I want to actually reprint, resew and rebind the book, it’s not going to change.

On the other hand, I have finally managed to choke a fair copy of Winterfair Gifts out of my printer. The next step with it is folding and sewing so I’m going to put that on hold until I have finished with the Harry Potters.

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