Day 1369

I had the day off yesterday. It was horrible. First off, I had very little time in the morning before I had to go help Mom get washed up and dressed for her doctor’s appointment. Now, you understand, her appointment was not until 1:45 pm… but I had to be over there by 11 am. Really? It’s going to take you two and a quarter hours to take a sponge bath and get dressed and I have to be there the whole time? Who knew.

Then there was the doctor’s appointment itself. They kept us waiting for over an hour in the waiting room… and then more waiting in the room for the doctor… and then more waiting for the lab. F*** you, you s** of a b*****- my time is just as valuable as yours is and it was very tiring for Mom to try and sit up that long- never mind getting up and down from chairs 5 times.

When I told him she was having problems with energy levels (if you can’t get out of bed because you lack the energy to get dressed, that’s a problem) he went off on a riff about sleep habits and eating habits and told me that I should be making Mom a yogurt/fruit/nut smoothie for breakfast every morning. I told him “No.” (I was nice- I left off the profanity I was thinking) “No, I can’t. I already stop at her house and feed the cat and I can’t do it.” Besides, we leave at 6:30 am… Mom is not getting up at that hour and she is certainly not eating at that hour. SO let’s see- make a smoothie… clean the blender because I can’t leave that mess until I get home from work- it would never come out… wake Mom up and convince her to drink it… oh, wait, she has to have her thyroid pill an hour before she eats anything… so wake her up and make her take the pill… wait an hour… convince her to drink the smoothie.. then feed the cat and leave for work. By 6:30. While getting Emily up and ready for school. And getting dressed. If I get up about 2 am, I should be able to do it… Yeah, not happening. I said there was too much on my plate already- I meant that. I am not taking on one more thing- not one. So he tells me I should be making her a hot full lunch so that dinner is not her only full meal. I told him no, I can’t. I mean really- I have a half hour lunch break… come home, cook a full meal, get Mom to eat it and get back to work in 30 minutes. Um, yeah, it’s a 20 minute drive. And, of course I work… how else would I pay my bills?

I love how everything that is supposed to help Mom is something more for me to do- nothing on her. No suggestion for anything that would be outside help- just I should do more.

While I was helping Mom get ready, I made the mistake of telling her of a really really good deal I found on ebay for a collectible book. It was a really nice, well-preserved antique that normally would sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars and it was going for about 70. She told me to save my money. Oh right. Don’t buy this thing that you want even though it’s affordable and if I want to I can turn around and resell it for ten times what I paid… that’s a bad choice.

As it happened, I had already bid on it. And I missed the end of the auction so someone outbid me in the last 30 seconds. I was so disapointed!

Hum. I was going to make a really long post with everything I wanted to say… but I think I’ll split it up so no one has to read through the grousing to get to the other stuff.

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