Funny things happen when you’re overtired

I took coffee in with me to work the other day. I was short on sleep and I knew I was going to need a stimulant to get through the day. So when I got to work, I pulled it out and noticed that there was coffee in the bottom of my backpack. Not a lot and none of it got on my book, thank goodness, but still. I thought that I had forgotten to make sure the inner lid popped closed- it doesn’t always- so I opened it up… and I had forgotten to put in the inner lid at all. Now just how tired do you have to be to put the lid on the thermos and not notice that there’s a piece missing, here? So that’s my ‘I did something funny’ for this week. Clown shoes are next week…

Emily also pulled a funny on me in the car. She’s been having post nasal drip- like everyone else from the variable weather and the early pollen- and was complaining about her throat and sinuses being stuffy. I told her to grab a gulp of my coffee and it would help. She did… and then handed it back with a disgusted expression and said “You better be right Mom… because that is just foul.”

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