Nutrition 101 or You LIKE liver- yes, you do.

Emily and I had liver and onions tonight and she commented that it wasn’t as bad as usual and she didn’t understand why not. She requested that I blog my response. So this is why you suddenly like liver, honey.


    Blood: Oooh! Liver! Tons of iron- we need that right now! Hey Brain, tell her she LIKES it!

    Brain: You are kidding, right? How am I going to sell that?

    Blood: Talk to TasteBuds- they’re under you, you’re the Brain- you figure out how to sell it. But we need this stuff.

    Brain: Well…

    Blood: Tell her she loves it! Tell her she wants this every night! Tell her it’s better than chocolate!!!

    Brain: Better than chocolate? Ok, you’re being ridiculous, I can’t sell that- nothing is better than chocolate.

    Blood: Ok, agreed… but hurry!

    Brain: (Well if you would just shut up for a minute…) Hey ‘Buds!

    Taste Buds (collectively): Yeah, what? We’re in the middle of dinner here…

    Brain: Yeah. that’s what I want to talk to you about. We like liver now, Blood says. In fact, we LOVE liver more than our luggage.

    Taste Buds: You’re kidding, right? We’ve always hated liver. Since before always even.

    Brain: Yeah, I know… but you have to tell her- she LIKES liver now. Blood says we need it… (pauses to listen) oh and Body says we need it too.

    Taste Buds: Ok, we’ll tell her… but you’re the Brain- you should be able to tell her.

    Brain: Yeah- since when does she ever listen to ME? Teenage much?

    Taste Buds: Oh. Right. Ok- implementing now…

Emily: Mmmm- hey, liver is good! When did that happen?

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