Day 1364

When I got to work today, I found that they had neglected to schedule me for anywhere after I finished fruit. So I got to leave.


So I’m sitting in my car about to leave work and I realize I’m in a very dangerous position.

It’s a beautiful sunny day.
I have five hours before I have to be ANYWHERE or do anything for anybody.
I have three hundred dollars (I had just cashed my check) in my pocket and 3/4 ths of a tank of gas.

I could get into a LOT of trouble

What I did do was run over to Tandy and collect my free tool… plus some refills for my skiving knife and a new skiving knife that may work even better (the refills will fit it too)… and a kangaroo hide that I have no idea what I will use for but it’s lovely. Very thin but it’s reputed to be very hard wearing.

Then I virtuously came home and let Bitsy out… and opened all the windows… and I may catch a nap before Emily gets home.

*happy sigh*

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