Day 1361 Several flavors of grousing

A lot has been going on this week.

The local school board has decided that the answer to overcrowding at Emily’s school is rezoning. Never mind that in the three years they are going to take to implement this plan, they could build Apison Middle and move the middle schoolers over there and solve the problem… no no, we have to rezone a bunch of kids to schools that they live farther from. Emily is now zoned for Ooltewah Middle and Ooltewah High… although there is a grandfather clause that if the child is already attending East Hamilton, they can continue. Transportation will not, however, be provided so I’ll have to take my lunch break when school lets out and go pick her up, bring her back to work and let her do homework in the breakroom until time for me to go.

Now from our house it’s 7.7 miles to East Hamilton and 11 miles to Ooltewah- in a different direction than I need to go to get to work. One is very convenient- one is very INconvenient and it annoys the p*** out of me that they rezoned us for the one further away and harder to get to.

The other annoying thing is that they scheduled a meeting at the school to show maps of the rezoned area. Tuesday at 6pm. I have 9 people to feed at 6pm- that’s dinner time! So I couldn’t go and the head of the school board would not post the map nor release it to the media… you had to be there to find out. A**h***!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rebound the first Harry Potter… and the leather is too thick and stiff and it looks dreadful. So I’ll do it again but I am annoyed. The new skiver works really well though… sometimes a little too well!

Mom’s complaining about her hip hurting. I’m sure that it does and she can’t take pain medication (it makes her throw up) or glucosamine (she’s allergic to sulfur). We’ve been thinking that it was the rainy cold weather making it worse… but today was sunny and 78˜ and she didn’t feel any better. I told her that it’s time to discuss a hip replacement. She’s resisting, of course, and wants to try this cinnamon and honey cure that helped so much last time. I asked her why she stopped taking it and she said that she stopped hurting… ok, well, if it helps, fine. But you have to take it every time you should and if it hasn’t helped in a couple of days, I’m going to insist. I’m not spending my life waiting on her while she lays in bed and moans about how much she hurts without doing anything about it. Most of the time, I can’t actually do anything for her- she just wants the company. Ah- no. I have a few things I actually want to do and little enough time to do any of them.

Davey Jones died this week. Very sad about that even though it’s been a long time since I followed his career.

And Pixel is not getting any better. He’s dragging his left hind foot and I’m beginning to think he’s had a stroke.

Ok, end of the grousing.

On the good side, Emily has been trying very hard to be as good as she can possibly be. She’s succeeding for the most part but she’s making such an effort, I don’t want to point up any lapses.

I found a better leather for Harry Potter 1. At least, I hope it’s better! I also found the leather for the Oz books which was pricier than I could have wished but it takes a lot of leather to cover 15 books and I did want it all from the same piece. I’m dreading thinking of how much gold it’s going to take for this set.

I won an auction for an for a lot less than it is probably worth. It will have to have it’s cover mended but I think I can manage that.

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