Day 1358

I spent a good deal of time on the internet last night looking for a couple of hard-to-find liqueurs that I would love to keep in my bar. One of them is Vandermint:

and the other is Bronté:

and then continuing in that vein, I looked up everything that I would like to have in my bar. Most of it seems to still be available, if hard to find. Even the two above are still being made, I think- just not imported. So now all I need for my perfect bar is a LOT of money- some of the things I want are pretty pricy now!

This started because I while I was at the liquor store for Mom yesterday, I found Damiana Liqueur:

and it got me thinking about some of the other liqueurs I have known and then not been able to find again. Plus the wines I like are hard to find… sometimes they have them and sometimes they don’t. It’s very frustrating.

This makes me sound like a lush- I’m really not. I just wish I could keep finding the things I like… and afford the ones I can find!

This week I’m going to try and finish re-casing the Harry Potter books and then I can begin on the gilding. That’s by far the trickier of the two parts! I plan on using gold however and I’ve noticed that gold is an order of magnitude easier than either copper or silver (or any base metal) so I’m looking forward to a pretty good rate of success.

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