Day 1354

I hate housework.

I really do- especially when I have to come home from work and I have so much more work waiting. First there’s dinner- then clean up from dinner unless, like tonight, there is something else a lot more pressing. My dinner dishes are soaking in the sink and the stove top needs scrubbing but tonight I had to sweep and mop most of the house.

That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Ah, here’s the thing- I have pets and pets shed… and make worse messes which is why I have to mop tonight and it can’t wait until the weekend… so when I sweep, I can sweep and sweep and go over and over an area and turn around and there’s a huge clump of fur where I just swept! And then the mopping. Because of the variety of mess that has pushed me into mopping the house on a Thursday, I have to mop with pinesol… and then go over it again with mop-n-glo to shine the wood. No, I can’t skip the second mopping- the floor looks horrible if I do. And I can’t just mop with mop-n-glo… it needs to be sterilized first.

According to my new bedtime, I should have been in bed 23 minutes ago… and I still have the second mopping to do (I’m waiting for the floor to dry) and I have to shower after that. I should fold clothes and clean the dinner mess up but that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow because I have to get SOME sleep tonight.

I hate housework.

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