Day 1344 Evening

I took a walk today along Wolftever Greenway… next weekend I’ll take the camera! The Greenway is pretty close to where Mom has her physical therapy so I can do this every Saturday and Sunday. This will help a lot with my current weight loss attempt.

I’d like to start up our Unplugged Summer events again but they’ll have to wait until Mom’s physical therapy is finished. Getting her ready, getting her there and getting her home take a 4 to 5 hour chunk out of the middle of my weekend days… so there’s no good time for Emily and I to get out and go for walks and events.

I’ve just about finished the Harry Potter books.. and the first two are finished! It’s not everything I could wish, but you can see them here. Once I finish with them, I can address the antique Scott book before I get back into Winterfair Gifts.

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