Day 1334

I got a notice in my email- my webshots had 1977 views this week. Do WHAT!?! (rubs eyes… looks again… still one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven… ulp!) 1616 of them were my walk pictures so it must have been pretty well liked.

I’m beyond startled- I never get numbers like that for views.

As I posted on my facebook, I’ve had some very rude individual calling and waking me up with sexual suggestions several times a night. He gave it a rest last night so I hope he’s gotten the message… if not, I’m going to call the phone company and complain and get them to un-private his number so I can report him to the police. It’s not the sexual content (he’s not very imaginative) that I mind as much as I mind loosing the sleep.

We had curry tonight for dinner. Emily has finally decided that she likes it so we’ll have it a little more often. But there are still a lot of leftovers… I’ll be eating curry for lunch for several days.

I had to take my car in to the shop Monday. It’s been sounding dreadful and I’ve been driving Mom’s car most of the time… which turns out to have been a good thing! The front bearings were gone… completely gone… and had to be replaced. With that, I needed two new tires and a balance and an alignment. Ouch- many $$$.

Fruit sales are picking up even more now. I made extra yesterday so I wouldn’t have as much to do today- ha! I went in and we’d been hit by locusts- locusts, I tell you! There was hardly anything left.

The state of the weight is not great- in other words, I haven’t lost any more in spite of keeping up with the diet and exercise. I expect that, if I don’t give up, it will catch up.

In the meantime, I’m going to go henna my hair again and try to get rid of these grey strands, fold the laundry and finish the gilding on HP4. I’m going to run out of gold and, with the car expense, I’m probably going to be throwing a few things up on Ebay soon to help defray more gold without loosing all chance of upgrading the TV this year. I’ve already lost the kitchen floor… bother… although when I would have time to do it, I don’t know.

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