Day 1331

I started to write a whole bunch of stuff that is depressing me… and then realized I was making it worse. So, instead, I’m going to list the good things.

If I haven’t lost any more weight, I haven’t gained any back, so that’s good.

Emily has spring break next week.

My suggestions for my schedule at work were mostly adopted- the only difference is that my half day is Wednesday instead of Monday. In the long run, this may work out better.

Em has pulled her algebra grade up- partly because we’ve discussed some of the things she was confused about and she now understands not only what the problem is asking… but how to do it. Apparently, no teacher had ever taught her how to do long division and she was trying to do it by factoring… which you can but it’s harder, takes longer and doesn’t always work.

I finally read “The Lovely Bones”… and it can go to McKay’s. I don’t recommend it. It’s well written… and the subject matter is horrible.

Speaking of books, I plan to finish the last HP book tonight if I don’t run out of gold and then I’ll post pictures of the last three. I’ll be happy when I finish that project… and then I can work on others 😀 I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to work on Winterfair Gifts or Cyroburn. I think I’m going to use the kangaroo hide on Cyroburn- it’s a great shade of brown!

Emily tells me that anytime I am bookbinding or gilding and she’s on the computer, it goes around the chat site “Ooo! She’s gilding again!”. The kids think my bookbinding is neat… awww!

Showering and beginning the chores (and getting a lot of them done) has put me in a much better mood now. I think I’ll go get those exercises I missed yesterday morning and then I’ll be positively cheerful.

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