Day 1327

The next two HP books… I ran out of gold for the last one so it’s waiting for now.



I’m not entirely happy with the result… I almost never am. At some point though I have to think “okay, that’s close enough” because if I try again, it will not be as good.

After I finish Harry, I think I’m going to try and mend the Scott volume. It’s such a sweet little book and I want to read it… but I can’t until I mend it first. Reading it in the condition it’s in would deteriorate the condition further.

Since this is Emily’s Spring Break week, it’s being the ‘week without exercise’ for me. I know I’ll have to overcome it in the summer, but if I’m home for this extra hour, I do things around home instead of working out. Consequently, the state of the weight is unchanged. I’ve been pretty good about the eating… but how much I loose is directly proportional to how much I exercise. Housework, work and chores don’t do it… it has to be intentional.

Yesterday I did do quite a few chores when I got home. Someone bashed our mailbox (again) so I had to take it off and install a new one I picked up Sunday (which meant no walk Sunday either) and fix my Mom’s toilet paper dispenser. And put out the garbage. And pack a package to mail. And load the recycling in the car. After that, I made dinner- experimental cooking! It was chicken, egged and rolled in cracker crumbs with parmesan cheese and italian seasoning then topped with mozzerella and it turned out very well.

I wish that LJ would fix the spell check! I can’t spell and I know it but I do run spell check… when it’s working.

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