Day 1325

You know wisteria? That purple spring flower that hangs in festoons from vines this time of year? I thought I knew wisteria too until I noticed this driving in to work


It’s a wisteria TREE. Not wisteria on a tree, I’ve seen that before, but such an old and large vine that it’s become a tree on it’s own. Um, wow, awesome!

This week has been Emily’s spring break so she’s spent most of it on the computer. When I got home she told me she’d like to talk to me about something and turned off the speaker and turned her back on the computer. Um, ok, that’s a first… so I’m paying attention… and she suggests that she would like a paypal account.

My knee-jerk reaction was “Oh, no. Bad idea!” What surprised me was her response to that. She told me she knew I would say no but she wanted to know what my reasons were. So I told her the laundry list of why she is too young to have a paypal account and she detailed her reasons for wanting one as well as listening carefully to my objections and having a rational, calm rebuttal to them. She did not pout, whine or in any other way resort to the kind of juvenile behaviour that usually accompanies a request for something outrageous. Several of my concerns she agreed with but posited practical work-arounds. She’d really been thinking about this for several days- not just wanting it but weighing the pros and cons and spending some time figuring out ways to make it safer and possible instead of totally out of the question.

The up-shot of all this is that we did some research into what kinds of accounts are possible for a 14 year old from paypal… and she will be getting a student account. It’s a limited account with a debit card so that she can shop on line and in person- to the limit of the money in her account. And I can see everything that goes on with her account- who she bought from, how much she paid etc. etc.

I don’t know what I’m prouder of- her desire to handle her own money so that she can learn the limits and responsibilities or her presentation- which I found to be very atypical of a teen.

Mom is, naturally, totally against it. But then, she has no concept of the internet at all- either the dangers or the possiblites.

80s is also totally against it- because, I gather from the conversation last night, he thinks she should not have an allowance. Hum- I could tell her that she has to work to earn money- she’s old enough to get a very limited part time job or do chores for money- but I want her focus to be school and her grades. That’s her job for now. If an allowance of $10/week makes me (or her) an entitled rich b*tch, so be it. Personally, I think he’s more disturbed by her growing up than I am.

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One Response to Day 1325

  1. John Aldrich says:

    Hey.. just FYI, that’s not wisteria. It’s Paulownia Tomentosa, AKA “Empress Tree.” 😀 Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article… Just thought you might like to know.

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