Day 1316

Wow- it’s been over a week since I posted anything?

Nothing dire has happened- I have had a case of pink-eye which has been ugly but not very painful and the medication has worked like a charm.

The state of the weight is still slowly dropping- 10 lbs so far.

I started working on Granny’s Quilt and I’m about halfway through the first turn. I’d like to get the first turn done this week but I don’t know if I will. While I’m quilting, I’ve set up so that I’m listening to The Hobbit read by Rob Inglis- it keeps me for getting too hyper to continue quilting which is always a problem.

I got my gold so I can go ahead and finish the covers for the last Harry Potter book. I’d like to do that today (of course, I do have to get off the computer to accomplish anything!) I’m debating what I want to do next- Winterfair Gifts or mend the Scott… such lovely choices I have!

Something very nice happened. I used to collect dolls… and then I noticed that all the dolls I wanted were really expensive and I have other things to do with my money so I don’t collect dolls any more. 25 years ago, there was one doll I especially wanted… and even on ebay when one shows up, they go for over $2000. Last week, I found an artist who makes a reproduction of that doll that looks as good as any of the originals- and better than some! So I’ll be getting one (with brown eyes instead of blue) and one of these days, I’ll make a cabinet for all the dolls I still have- I couldn’t get rid of most of the ones I had. Not because they’re so valuable- they aren’t- but because they were from my childhood or were made for the girls. When I get them out, I’ll document them as I seem to have lost all the notes I had before.

Not much else seems to have been going on. Work is work and Mom seems to be slowly improving. Pixel is no worse and Emily has been really as good as she can most of the time. We did set her up a paypal account… and I discover that what she wanted it for is mostly so she can spend her money for on-line credits in IMVU. This seems to be a sort of second-life type game with interactions between players and I think it’s a pointless waste of her time… but so are a lot of things we do for fun. Eventually she’ll get bored with it, I think, and go on to other amusements.

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