Day 1313

I never did post about what was wrong with the car, did I?

It turns out that not driving it was a very good idea- I had run the wheels almost off of it. The front bearings were completely gone and it was surprising that the wheels didn’t fall off of it on the way to the shop. So that was expensive to fix and took all d-mned day.

Then, last Sunday, I got in and started to crack my window like I always do… and the window regulator was shot. So I pulled the door panel most of the way off… and then Mr Tim sent his handyman (who is good with cars) over to help me take it the rest of the way off. He looked at it and offered to get the part and fix it for me for $40 plus the part. Totally worth it since it was fixed by the time I got home Tuesday… and he put the door panel back on… and I didn’t even have to be here for him to do it. So I can drive my car again which is a relief.

Saturday I spent most of the day sweeping and mopping and polishing every floor in the house. Today, it looks like I haven’t swept in months. Agggh!

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