Day 1309 Randomness…

I’m cleaning out the library of excess copies… books I love but I have two or sometimes three copies of. So I’ve got a bunch of books up on ebay starting at 99¢ and will be listing more as well as some quilting patterns and magazines.

I’ve also had some incredible luck there recently. A very long time ago I read an article about a doll’s wardrobe (30 years ago, as a matter of fact) and I wanted to find it again. I didn’t know the title or the author… and I wasn’t sure of the magazine either. In the face of all that, I think I found it! We’ll see when the magazine gets here.

I’ve had an idea on binding the Lord of the Rings… I want to print it fresh and include all the Hildebrandt illustrations… and some of Tolkien’s own… and possibly a couple of Pauline Baynes’ as well. I’s like to print it in the font that looks like Biblo’s handwriting and bind it in red leather. If I can find a source for the large letters for the beginnings of chapters that look illuminated. I’ll Likely want to make a seven book series out of it- the six books of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. It’s only convention that makes LotR a three volume set- it’s really six books. Eventually, I’ll get around to it.

Another thing that I want to get around to eventually is making the Little Women dolls that I have not been able to find. I just don’t like any of the ones available and I found a couple of dolls that look like Meg and Amy… but I’m going to have to make Jo and Beth. Fortunately, the dolls I like for the first two are really cheap so I can get a couple more and use the bodies so I just have to sculpt the heads and paint them.

I don’t know if it was Mother’s day or my birthday but Eliz got me a silverstone pan and I notice that it’s the one I almost always reach for first. I need to remember to tell her “thank you” again.

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