Day 1307

I rescued a kitten today. When I got to work, I could hear a kitten crying… loudly and hopelessly. (I note in passing that this is the first morning in weeks I have had frost on the windshield.) I found where it was but it was so scared that I had to chase it down and it kept getting into spaces to small for me to reach it. I finally caught it when it got scared enough to climb the building and it got within reach.

I fed it ham and water (I turned down the offered milk because milk is really not good for cats) and made a ‘crate’ out of a very large box and lined it with my jacket on one end so it wouldn’t have to sleep on the concrete floor with no padding. And then tried all day to get one of my co-workers to take it home with no success. It napped quietly while I worked all day except for break when it cried at me again and I got it more ham. After that it tried to purr a little and one of my co-workers commented that I must be the cat-whisperer because it hadn’t made a sound at anyone else.

So I’m resigned- I’ve got another cat- an itty bitty- if it was 6 weeks old, it was small. And I pack it in a smaller box- still on my jacket- to ride home with me. While I was going through the store, I stopped to show a couple of regular customers (and their kids) the itty bitty stripey kitty… and kitty got to go home with one of them.

Whew! I would love to have a kitten… but I have too much to take care of already and I really don’t want to introduce another cat into the house while Pixel is still alive. It would be too upsetting to him, I think.

In the meantime, I hope whoever threw two tiny kittens out to be hungry and frozen this morning gets their karma adjusted really soon! (Vickey found the other one and took it to her house before I got there this morning) I hope it was only two- I didn’t hear another one and I looked all around the building and parking lot.

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