Oh, Really?

Me daughter’s school has been rezoned. She is now zoned for the same one her sister went to- miles and miles further from my house and not at all convenient to work.

Fortunately, I can keep her enrolled at her current school because of a grandfather clause that allows students who are already attending, continue at the same school. She won’t be able to ride the bus but I already drop her off at school and it will be a matter of her walking from school to my work which is only about a quarter mile away.

So I get the letter telling me that if I don’t sign this form and get it in by May 15th, she will be enrolled at the other school. I sign it and send it to the address given- it’s a different one than on the letter head but I’m pretty good at following instructions and the Dept of Education is huge so more than one office seems reasonable.

***************THE ADDRESS IS BOGUS.**************

There is actually no such address. The letter should have been returned to the address on the letterhead… assumably. Raise your hand if you think this was an honest mistake.

What, nobody? Me either. I think it was intentional. A bogus address and a short deadline equals all the kids who were rezoned for the new school go to the new school. (Not actually a new school- new for them.)And when you look at the lines the rezoning is drawn on, they make no sense unless you assume that you are dividing the kids by economic class- this school is only for wealthy kids and all the kids who were zoned for it because they have old property in the zone will be sent back to the other school. Can’t have the farmers’ kids in with the suburbanites.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m paddling uphill and there isn’t even any water.

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