Day 1287

I have a new doll! I would not have bought her if the car had suddenly needed an expensive repair before I commissioned her… but it happened afterwards and I couldn’t very well back out of a special order after the fact. But I have a problem- she needs a name.

P5140170 P5140171

Any suggestions? I’d name her “Beth” but I have a daughter and a dear friend both named “Elizabeth” (and both go by a different form of it) so that seems to be kind of redundant. Other dolls I have are named Nancy, Skooter, Amy, Meg, Annie-Laurie, Miss Molly, Miss Polly, Rose and Pheobe so none of those will do. I’m also planning on finding or making a Jo and a Beth to match my Meg and Amy… and that would give me two Beth’s.

I haven’t gotten any forward on any of my projects because my car got hit and the rear view mirror knocked off in the parking lot at work (I was not in the car). The gentleman responsible came and found me and showed me what had happened… and give me the number of his insurance as well as his name and number. Very nice of him but it’s been a problem of when can I take the car in as I’ve been pretty busy lately. I finally managed today and when they get the part in it will neither take very long nor be very expensive. Since he was so nice about it, I don’t want his insurance to go up much if I can help it.

Also the zipper on my backpack gave up completely and I’m replacing it with two metal zippers that meet in the middle.

It’s the end of school so Emily has a concert tomorrow night… and a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday (med check- nothing dire) and Mom has a check up Thursday and her birthday is Friday. I’ll be glad when it’s June.

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