Day 1277

I had a little talk with Mom- I was not as harsh as I had planned to be and she was more reasonable than I expected so it did not go too badly.

I also had half of the talk I planned to have with James. I will have the rest of it soon, I’m sure, possibly with his answering machine. (The gist of this one is- I’m still your friend- but don’t call me until you dry out.)

This is my second day off from work this week for a doctor’s appointment- Mom’s this time instead of Emily’s- and she’s doing so well that, if he doesn’t wear her completely out, we’re going to try to get her by the eye doctor after we finish and get her a new prescription for glasses. Hers are so old that she can’t read comfortably and she does love reading. This will burn up more time on my day off… but it’s something I’ve been trying to get her to do for months.

We got Emily’s report card in the mail yesterday and she’s in eighth grade now. All her grades were adequate without being anything to brag about. However we also got her reading level and where to find the summer reading lists on line. Problem? Her reading level is 1245 (Lexile)- the books on the fiction side of the summer reading list for her grade only goes up to 1120 and she is supposed to read a book from her level and complete a project on it over the summer. “Her level” and “books on the summer reading list” are two groups with no common members.

I was going to take her to McKay’s to look for summer reading books after Mom and I get done with her stuff… but we’ll just have to go to McKay’s to pick up random fun things since her summer reading has yet to be determined.

I’ve been playing with my barbie lately and I have the doll itself almost where I want it. Lest the designation of “barbie doll” give anyone visions of a smiling fool or a pony tailed snot, this is my barbie, Nancy:

nancy face

nancy full

nancy's hands

She’s one of a kind- a silkstone body with a vintage head because the silkstone bodies are lovely… and every one of them looks snooty and horrible in the face.

I’ve still got a bunch of little things to do on her wardrobe (and the things that go into it) so I’ll be posting a picture or two as I get them done. The next thing I need to do is modify the wardrobe so that it has a shoe rack and a hat shelf… and possibly a second hanging rod. Little things but they take a bit of time and materials so I have to find both.

Emily and I got our second season Sherlock disks yesterday- I’m wishing for the third season already because I want to know how they’re going to explain what we saw! I’m also going to look at McKay’s for the Blu-ray of the first season- I have the DVDs (thanks to zenkitty who is awesome)but I got the second season on Blu-ray and I’d like them to match. I’ll probably look for “Game of Shadows” while I’m there as well.

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