Day 1266

I haven’t been posting much because I just discovered Being Human. I watched everything through the end of season 3… and I don’t like where it’s going or even most of the episodes in season 3. So, for me, Being Human is going to be a run of the first two seasons plus most of the first episode from Season 3. End the episode at 53:48 and it’s perfect.

I swear though, I start watching it… and the next thing I know, it’s 3am and I still haven’t had a shower and the kitchen still wants washing up. Fortunately, the plumbing is fine.

In spare moments, I’ve been working on the barbie wardrobe. I got the Dior New Look fashion today and I’m highly disappointed. It’s all poly fabrics and while it’s not badly made, I expected a bit more in quality with the Dior name on it. The skirt, for instance, has an elastic waist. Really? Dior is designing for the K-mart crowd now? Who knew… Also the shoes aren’t the nice rigid heavy plastic like the vintage shoes- they’re soft and squishy which means they can’t be remolded to the silkstone feet. The only way to keep the hat on is to sew it on- it doesn’t actually fit- and the short black gloves were not included. What was included (that I didn’t want) was the doll. I thought it was only the clothes so that was a bit of a surprise. Also the hose and tap pants with garters were a bit of a surprise- a good one- they’re better than I thought they would be. All in all though, I would have done better to make it myself.

On the other hand, the Dressmaker Details fashions are lovely. The one I got, the bracelet is too stiff to actually wear and broke (the hook came off) while I was trying to put it on and the pull tab on the dress zipper is very tiny- I may replace it with a slightly larger one that won’t be as much to scale… but will be a lot easier to use. The gloves are wonderful- some kind of imitation leather instead of tricot- and the dress is as well made as any of the vintage fashions. The only down side is that Dressmaker Details are mostly pretty pricy… you pay for quality I suppose.

As I’m getting this together, I’m making a picture record so I’ll be posting it (behind a cut- it’s going to be HUGE) fairly soon and then adding bits as I make or find them.

Pixel is doing about the same. He’s barely eating and has a hard time getting about but he’s still muddling along. He wants petting a lot and he’s probably getting more than he’s ever really had before because if I can stop at all when he asks, I spend a minute petting him.

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