Day 1252

Mom is doing some better for the moment- she’s been up for most of the day two days out of the last four.

I’m currently reading Casket of Souls by Lynn Flewelling. I splurged and bought it Saturday at Barnes and Noble- partly to support the brick and mortar store and partly because I wanted to support the author. Mark Twain does not benefit if I buy his books new- but living authors do so I try (as funds allow) to buy new books by authors I love.

I understand that this is the final book of the Nightrunner series and I’m a bit sad about that but I don’t want her to write any more about Seregil and Alec if she doesn’t want to. Besides Sherlock Holmes, there have been too many series that went too long and if the stories are all told, the stories are all told.

In a literary vein, I wanted cookies tonight and whipped up a half-batch of snickerdoodles. (Ok, sort-of snickerdoodles, I didn’t pull up a recipe or get out any measuring utensils.) While I was beating them into submission, I came up with some lines for the beginning of a murder mystery. I just hope it’s not like the poem I had that wouldn’t let me sleep until I wrote it down… or the story that wouldn’t let me make dinner until it was on paper. (Dinner was late but not so very- fortunately the story was a short-short.) I don’t have the bloody time to write a book- much less a mystery that will require hours of research… and that’s after I have a plot.

I also have been working on a winter coat for Nancy from a picture I copied down in the 80s. If it was ever made for production, I can’t find it anywhere. I should have it finished by the week end and I’ll post some pictures. I also got out the fabric and pattern I have for Beau Time- there is not enough of the fabric.

But there is Spoonflower! I can already tell that site is going to be dangerous. I not only got a fat quarter of the fabric I need but I found others that I’d love to get as well- plus I can create anything I can dream up so I can copy any fabric I really need for a project.

A billion other things have been going on- and I don’t remember what I wanted to write about any of them.

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