Day 1251 Uninvited Guests

Well, I’m thankful it was no worse.

I came home today and Emily confessed that she had two boys from her school come in while I was gone. (One is 15 and one is 16!!!) She thought they would just talk but the boys got peckish and got into the cabinets and fixed themselves a lunch of her treat spaghettios- both cans- and didn’t scrape out the cans so there was a lot left when they threw the cans in the garbage… and more left in the pan in the sink… and even more left in the bowls in the sink. So now she has nothing easy and treat-ish to fix for lunches.

Personally, I’m appalled at the bad manners… and very very grateful that she’s unharmed. Not that I expect the boys are horrible and criminal… but it could have gone badly in so very many ways!
murder, rape, theft, all of the aforementioned…

But really, who does that? Even when you’re invited into a home to go and rummage in the cabinets and make lunch for yourself without asking? I want a word with their parents… and with them as well!

Of course, I chewed her out for letting them come in the house without me here. She may have all the company she likes- as long as I’m at home. If I’m not at home, the only people she is to open the door to are EMTs trying to get to her Gram and then she may leave the house and go help them. She is not to open the door to policemen or firemen- costumes are easy to get. The only reason I made an exception for the EMTs is that there are possible emergency situations where she might need to unlock Mom’s house for people to be able to get to her. If a policeman comes to the door, I told her to ask him to wait and call me at work. Before she opens the door. I’m close enough that I’ll come home and deal with it. But she’s not to unlock that door for God before I get home.

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