Day 1230

Because we’ve been having record heat here, yesterday I ran the bathtub full of cold water for a heat sink.

Unfortunately, Alex is used to me running a little bit of water into the bathtub so he can get a drink and jumped in the tub.

Um, oops. Wet cat and water all over the floor!

Nancy has some new dresses!

Barbie Q

friday night date


and last but not least, a reproduction I made of a vintage fashion because everybody wants “Beau Time” and it’s crazy expensive to buy a vintage one. Besides, I had the silk already.

beau time
My version

beau time (2)
A picture of the vintage dress.

I like the slightly darker colours on Nancy- it looks better with the dark hair.

Now maybe I can get back to quilting for awhile when I sew. But for the moment, I’ll only be piecing in the afternoons and evenings. We’ve been having the heat wave here so the sewing room is unlivably hot. I’m thanking my stars that we live in the country- I’m sure the city is even hotter. So far, I’ve managed to keep everyone cool enough to be healthy- if not necessarily comfortable. I’ve even been putting ice in the outside dog’s water and changing it a couple of times a day so it’s always fresh and relatively cool. She’s being sensible and mostly staying under Mom’s house in the hottest part of the day.

Bitsy, on the other hand, has been going out and tearing around like a mad thing… and then coming in and panting like she was dying. I keep telling her that if she wouldn’t run in the heat of the day, that wouldn’t happen but she doesn’t understand.

I expect that, between the 4th and the heat, I’ll be extra busy at work this week.

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