Day 1223


We’ve been without power since Thursday. With no power, we also have no water so it’s been interesting.

I made grilled cheese by putting bread and cheese on a cookie sheet and putting it in the front window of my car- not a complete sucess- it dehydrated more than toasted. The sun-coffee worked out rather better.

Since I couldn’t cook and I couldn’t clean, I read 44 Scotland Street which was fun and interesting, worked some on Robert’s Trees quilt and played three games of Clue with Emily. She insisted on playing the Master Edition (more rooms, more people and more weapons) and on calling it Cluedo which I found amusing. What I’d really love to eventually have is the Master Edition done up like the Collector’s Franklin Mint edition.

And now I have to go clean all the things and see just how much food spoiled while we were in the dark.

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