Day 1216

I’m having some trouble with LJ being slow today- not sure what’s up with that.

I have almost an entirely free day today (having spent the last two days cleaning all the things and doing all the chores) and I am trying to decide if I should watch movies and quilt all day or if I should go ahead and defrost the upright freezer so I can get our food organized and weed out what is too old to bother with and what we lost to the storm. I could leave it until next weekend and be well within my rights to take the day… but do I really want that sword hanging over my head? On the other hand, I really need to work on the quilting for Emily’s quilt

Nancy has a new dress:
betty draper
Betty Draper

I think this is the last of the commercial dresses that I want for her unless I can find a Sabrina dress for not too much and I’ve heard that Dressmaker Details did the sheath dress from Funny Face and if I find that, I’ll get it. I’m up in the air about the Sabrina dress- I can make it and if I do, I know it will be real silk and it will be right- I don’t know that about the commercial dress.

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