Day 1218 Update

Well I was up half the night with the power board and then this morning I called an electrician to come and check us out.

What they both found was that the main breaker (outside the house) was corroded somewhat and the electrician also found that the wires were a bit loose. He tightened them and checked everything out and we’re (supposedly) fixed. So far, the power hasn’t dropped again so I think he might be right. I hope so- a new main breaker will be expensive and having the house rewired even more so.

Emily is discovering the joys of having a baby in the house- she had to change her sheets twice before she could go to bed because Dorothy kept mistaking the bed for the cat box. Um, oops? Maybe she should not be allowed in the bedrooms until we are sure she is housebroken.


I didn’t work today but because of the not-getting-to-sleep last night, I didn’t get anything actually accomplished other than the business with the power. I’m going to try and not only get my chores done tomorrow but also finish another point on Robert’s Trees and take a picture of Nancy’s Betty Draper dress so I can post both of those as well.

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2 Responses to Day 1218 Update

  1. wheelsfallingoff says:

    I had that happen before. It ended up being a phase out in our main line. Been doing any digging lately?

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