Day 1218

Ok, this is strange.

I have power in the living room and (apparently) in the outlets in my bedroom but the power to the rest of the house is not working. Yes, I’ve called the electric company and yes there is a man on the way right now. (After experimenting, there is power to the outlets in the kitchen so I can make coffee- I just can’t turn on the lights.) Fortunately the pump runs off of the power at Mom’s house so I do have water. I thought there was something strange going on because I’ve had to reset the clock on the stove in the afternoons when I get home for the last two days but Emily hasn’t been bumped off the computer.

I am refusing to think what it’s going to take to fix this. I’ll deal with that when I know what I am dealing with.

In other news, a new kitten showed up at the back door tonight. She’s about six weeks old and all grey- I wanted to call her Kansas but Emily objected so she’s Dorothy. Bitsy and the other cats are not especially happy about this but Emily is delighted.

I still have not heard back about the quilt from the fair and I’ve sent a couple of other emails to which I have had no response. ??? Not sure what’s going on there.

Ok, the power is back on and the repairman is not even here yet. I hope he can still figure out what is going on. Something had to happen- I’m not allowed to have a weekend where everything goes smoothly and I get to rest.

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