Day 1215

Most of today’s free time has been about quilting. I worked a little more on going through the stuff from Mom’s freezer, but it was still mostly quilting.

I finished the next point on Robert’s Trees

This is the sixth point so I’m getting there…

Also I heard back from both the Daskal group and the lady on etsy about ties. The Daskal group found me one but it’s going to be more expensive than it would have been if I had just bought it when I found it. *sigh* I get the tie… but I’m going to have to pay a premium price for it. Personally, I think it’s kind of gouging but what else am I going to do? The woman on etsy doesn’t make the ties, she gets them premade and paints them so I’ll get her to paint me one next tax refund.

On Em’s quilt, I have the first turn done and am working on the second. I’m moving at a good pace but I need to keep it up if I want to have it finished on time.

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