Day 1208

It’s time to start getting up earlier- school will be starting before we know it- about three more weeks.

I’m getting spoiled. When I make coffee in the evening (which I always do so I’ll have some already made in the morning), I’ve been putting some in the thermos so when I get it, I have hot coffee already made and all I have to do is hit my cup when I pour. Most of the time I can manage to do that.

Dorothy, the new kitten, is an inveterate beggar! Last night I was serving dinner and first, she did the kitten soft paws around my ankle and then, when that didn’t work, she took a running leap and launched herself at me. The end result of that was she hit my butt and clung like a burr… which was pretty funny as she managed not to put claws in me- just my clothes. She really does have no manners at all.

Mom keeps telling me how afraid she is of falling. I’m sure she is and with some reason, she’s fallen a lot in the past couple of years. However, I’m pointing out to her that if she’s really that afraid, she needs to be somewhere that is a lot safer than her house- i.e. assisted living. What I haven’t pointed out to her is that her fear is keeping her from actually living at all- and really, what’s the point? A little caution is one thing, pathological fear is crippling.

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