Day 1205

It’s been a day, I tell you what.

First and foremost, my brother’s book is on Goodreads… and they are giving away 10 copies of it. If it looks like something you would like at all, you should go get your name in the hat for one.

I had to leave work early because, when I got up this morning, my power had flickered in half the house again. You know that problem I had fixed two weeks ago? Um, yeah, not so much. So I called the electrician’s company at lunch and told them to call me when he was on his way and I would call them if I got to leave work early. A few calls to some co-workers and one person came in early and covered the last two hours for me. So I called the company back to let them know I was headed home. Come to find out, they had tried to call me at work but couldn’t figure out to press zero when they didn’t know which extension to choose.

Oh for the love of God- are people really this stupid?

So I got home and there was a message on my answering machine from the actual electrician- office had not given him my work number at all, the home number was all he had- with a message asking me to call him directly and his cell number. Which I did and he listened to what problem was cropping up again and told me he’d be here in a little over an hour. Which he was and it was what we thought… and very expensive it was to fix, too! But when they pulled the old breaker off, it was obviously toast- and I mean that in the most literal sense. It crumbled in the hand where it was plastic and was nastily corroded where it was metal, completely burned up.

The wonder is that I was getting any power at all through it!

And then there is how to pay for a repair costing $1200. Mom had me put it on her credit card but I was prepared for her not to help and had made other arrangements tentatively.

So maybe now my power won’t be dropping out because the wiring is overheating.

One thing I am annoyed with, the electrician that came out and changed my light fixtures told me that my overhead lights were flickering because they were florescent. Um, no. Yes, they will flicker a bit coming on… the older ones a lot more than the compact florescents I have in the house… and they dim sometimes when the air kicks on… but to flicker for no reason? They really don’t do that. I’m female and so I’m supposed to be stupid about these things… but I’m not and it really annoys me when people assume that I am.

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