Day 1199

Rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit.

Welcome to August.

I’ve been reading a bit about the economy tanking- not fun. I expect it’s going to happen- and soon- but still not fun. I’m not at an especially bad place- I don’t have any investments and very little money in the bank so monetarily, I’m not set up to loose very much. The house and car are already paid for… and now I have to look at how I can manage my expenses to get them down to rock bottom.

It appears the the Hobbit will be three movies. Well, ok. I wonder if I can manage to not watch the first two before the third comes out? Probably not- I’m too bloody eager.

It’s about to be back to school time. This makes me think about the bit in You’ve Got Mail talking about bouquets of pencils- I love this time of year. Somehow, even more than spring, it’s about new beginnings for me… and new pens, pencils, paper and books. Even though I’m not going back to school myself, all the stores are running sales on school supplies so it’s an opportunity to stock up on supplies. I think I’ll give the spiral bound notebooks a pass this year though- we still have about 50 from last year when they were 10¢ apiece. Pens though, we need a couple of large boxes of pens.

What is it about blank paper and lots of pens and pencils that makes me happy, I wonder? Perhaps all that potential, just waiting. I think part of my problem with writing right now is that I want to be interesting… and nothing interesting is happening to me.

If I ever have inside stairs, I want to do this! So much more useful than a small room since I have no nephew to put up.

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