Day 1190

It’s been a day full of off the wall things… and elephants.

Work is trying to cut hours so I got sent home an hour and a half early… which was nice but when I picked up the mail, there was nothing in it 😦 So I napped while we had a horrendous thunderstorm- half an inch of rain in half an hour.

Later I walked around to the front porch and there were two envelopes and a box all from Amazon. Squee! Happy day! One was a gift card… which is delightful since it means I can shop and not worry about ‘can I afford this?’… the box was the two of my most wanted books and the other envelope was elephants. Tiny lilliputian elephant earrings- minus the shivs that I have heard elephants so often carry.

80s called… which was unexpected. He was supposed to be out of touch for ten days and it’s only been two. WTF? Still not knowing wtf- he has to call solicitor and find out what happened to the rest of it.

Tomorrow I’m doing the minimum amount of chores and then making curry to have after I get home from the movies with the girls. For tonight, I am debating writing, reading (I have new books! Fabulous new books!) or quilting. Such a delightful dither I’m in.

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