Day 1187 Out of Time

First day back to school and so far things are running on schedule… although I thought I’d have more time before I had to go pick Emily up. As it is, I’m only going to have about 2 hours to myself.

So not enough time to do anything much- and I was told that this would be my last half day for awhile as all the kids are going back to school. This is a good thing for my hours but it will be more time crunch.

I’m beginning to get very tired of not having any time at all to do anything I want. For one thing, I’m going to be resisting all the stuff Mom tells me she wants me to do that are unnecessary. I’m not going to preserve food that we won’t or don’t eat. Frozen tomatos are icky and they might as well not be taking up the freezer space because I am not going to be using them. Okra is okay… but we don’t need as much as I already have frozen and we certainly don’t need more. Pears. Okay, I’m not preserving pears. These peaches that are too small to bother with- nope. None of us likes preserved peaches or frozen peaches anyway. I’ll do the work for the apples because we will eat them- ok.

Part of this is that last night I scanned and emailed my brother 80 pages that he wrote as a kid… and I might be almost halfway though them. That ate my entire evening. I didn’t get to read, write or quilt and barely got the letter I was writing finished.

You know, one little thing doesn’t take a lot of time… but a bajillion little things eat your life until there is nothing left. And I don’t remember any of my family ever spending the kind of time on me that they are asking for out of me.

On the other hand, I have a couple of hours and if I set myself up in the library, I can write until it’s time to make dinner after I go and get Emily.

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