Day 1185

I woke up this morning with a horrible crick in my back… and the muscle cramp/spasm going on again. Either I need to turn my mattress, replace my mattress or sleep on the sofa. When I sleep on the sofa, I wake up with my arm asleep but my back is fine. ???? Tonight I’ve had two aleve and a muscle relaxer and Mom insisted on rubbing me down with aspercreme… and I still hurt and can’t move freely. This is annoying. (My apologies to the friends I have that deal with worse pain issues every single day. It’s not as bad as you have it, I’m just being a baby.)

I’ve been working on writing whenever I can manage a free half hour. This makes for very disjointed writing… and I’ve been writing all over the story. (No, this won’t, in fact, leave me with a bunch of unconnected pieces. It’s not the first time I have written a bit at the beginning and a bit at the end and then bits all over the middle until I connect them all up. It does mean my outline has to be solid, but that’s all.) My question is, does anyone else do this? Or does the writing progress like the reading, from beginning to end?

I need to make some time to make and attach a label to my quilt for the fair. I know I have a month yet… but a month can disappear in a hurry when you have a deadline you can’t miss.

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