Day 1183 Odd Friday

I have a black thumb. I’m known for it, as a matter of fact. In college I had two house plants- a wandering jew and a mother-in-laws tongue- and I killed both of them in less than six months. So when I say I’m really really bad with plants, I’m not kidding.

In spite of this, Mom is not able to garden this year so I planted some tomatoes and peppers for her and have been doing my best to not kill them. Since I was trying to grow tomatoes and peppers, I planted five yellow squash plants for me because I love squash and it’s expensive for what you get. I must have missed this one under the bush because I found it tonight:


Barrrphh? (Random incredulous noise.) The sprite can is for scale.

In other news, there was a rainbow over the school when I was dropping Emily off- an entire one- 180°… and just because someone has decided that today is all around weird, a bird flew into the windscreen on the way to work. I expect it killed it, for which I am sorry, but I didn’t see it coming until right before it hit.

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