Day 1181 morning

I did a bad, bad, naughty thing- I was up until after 5 this morning writing. Of course, I finished chapter 3 and most of chapter 4. (I say ‘most’ and I don’t know that. The chapters end when they end and they’re all different lengths so I could still have quite a lot of chapter four to go. Or I could be within a few lines of the end… I won’t know until I get there.) Chapter 5 will also be pretty long but Chapter 6 should be quite short. A lot happens, but in a very short amount of time. I never expected this to be this long… and I’m not half done yet.

On the plus side, I’m up to 9000 words. On the minus side, I’ve had no sleep to speak of at all. I napped a couple of hours and got up to feed the animals and give Emily her meds- I expect to go lay back down for at least a couple more hours.

I also got my brother’s new book yesterday… and the books I bought with the gift card he sent for my birthday so I have five new books. I did read one of them already but it was one of the short ones.

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